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Butco Digital ShowerSafe


Thermostatic digital reader for a shower….IDEAL FOR THE ELDERLY & YOUNG.

The risk of scalds and burns are high for the elderly and young children when they are in the shower. Either the temperature is too high, or it fluctuates when other water in the house is being used which cannot be controlled, resulting in the water being too hot or too cold.

Although checking the water temperature is important it is not always practical, until now using this device. With this easy to install waterproof digital shower thermometer your concerns of being scalded can be alleviated. 

This accurate digital thermometer attaches easily to a standard showerhead. The fast response to the water flow and easy-to-read display makes users aware if they have turned the temperature up past a safe level.  Also the thermometer activates an alarm if the water temperature is too high, perfect for protecting against burns and scalds.

£22 each

Features of the Waterproof Shower Thermometer with Temperature Alert:

    • LCD display - clear and easy to read
    • Fast response to water temperature
    • Alarm mode activated at 41°C - temperature message and flashing red LED light
    • Can be used with bath attachments, mixers, power and electric showers
    • Fits to a standard shower head - no need to change head
    • Prevents the waste of hot water and energy
    • Suitable for babies, elderly or those who are visually impaired
    • Ideal health and safety accessory

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